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Autosnapping | Android Document Scanner

To further improve the user experience, you might want to automatically take a photo when a document is detected and conditions are good - we call this Auto Snapping.

How to use it#

It is easy: just attach DocumentAutoSnappingController to the camera like in the following example:

val contourDetector = ScanbotSDK(context).createContourDetector()val contourDetectorFrameHandler = ContourDetectorFrameHandler.attach(cameraView, contourDetector)val autoSnappingController = DocumentAutoSnappingController.attach(cameraView, contourDetectorFrameHandler)

And you're done. Now the camera will automatically take photos when the underlying conditions are met.


You can control the Auto Snapping speed by setting the sensitivity parameter in DocumentAutoSnappingController.


Note: the higher the sensitivity, the faster the snap triggers. Sensitivity must be within [0..1] range. A value of 1.0 triggers snapping immediately, whereas a value of 0.0 delays the snapping by 3 seconds.

The default value is 0.66 (1 sec)