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Workflows | Android Document Scanner

The Workflow Components are also part of the RTU UI Components. A Workflow represents a set of multiple scanning steps. You can combine Document Scanning with QR code detection or MRZ recognition on an ID card image, for example. Workflow Steps can be run on a captured still image or a video frame, so a step can either be a live-detection or a still-image capturing step. You can validate each step result, present an error message to the user if the validation fails and restart a step. By subclassing WorkflowStep the creation of custom steps is possible.

The following predefined Workflow Step classes are provided:

  • ScanDocumentPageWorkflowStep - Specialized for capturing documents from high-res still images.
  • ScanBarCodeWorkflowStep - Recognition of Barcodes/QR codes on low-res video frames (live detection).
  • ScanMachineReadableZoneWorkflowStep - For scanning of ID cards or passports with MRZ recognition.
  • ScanDisabilityCertificateWorkflowStep - For recognition and data extraction from Disability Certificates (DC) forms.
  • ScanPayFormWorkflowStep - For recognition and data extraction from SEPA Payforms.

For more details please see the corresponding API docs of the classes as well as the example app ready-to-use-ui-demo.