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Introduction | Xamarin Barcode Scanner

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK for Xamarin brings barcode scanning capabilities to your mobile Android and iOS apps. For more details visit our website.

Our ScanbotBarcodeSDK.Xamarin NuGet package contains Xamarin bindings of the native Scanbot SDKs for Android and iOS. It supports the most features that are provided by the native SDKs.

The package ScanbotBarcodeSDK.Xamarin.Forms is based on ScanbotBarcodeSDK.Xamarin and contains wrappers for use with Xamarin.Forms. It provides ready-to-use UI screen components for several scanning use cases.


The following functionality is covered by the Xamarin SDK:

  • Scanning of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Recognition of 1D and 2D barcodes on still images (e.g. JPG files)
  • Support for multiple barcode scanning and recognition
  • Ready-to-Use UI Components for Xamarin.Forms and Xamarin Native (Android and iOS)
  • Classical SDK Components for Xamarin Native (Android and iOS) with full customization support

Supported Barcode Types#

1D Barcodes#

2D Barcodes#


You might also be interested in an overview in our blog post Types of barcodes and their usage.

Data parsers#

The following data parsers are currently supported:

  • AAMVA: Parse the AAMVA data format from PDF-417 barcodes on US driver’s licenses. See AAMVADocument.
  • Boarding pass data from PDF-417 barcodes. See BoardingPassDocument.
  • Parser for German Medical Certificates (aka. Disability Certificate or AU-Bescheinigung) coded in a PDF-417 barcode. See DEMedicalPlanDocument.
  • Data from PDF-417 barcodes on ID Cards. See IDCardPDF417Document.
  • Parse and extract data from XML of Data Matrix barcodes on Medical Plans (German Medikationsplan).
  • Data parser of QR-Code values printed on SEPA pay forms. See SEPADocument.
  • vCard data from a QR-Code (e.g. on business cards). See VCardDocument.
  • Swiss QR data from a QR-Code. See SwissQRDocument.


Dev Tools#

  • Latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio with Xamarin Platform
  • For Xamarin.Forms projects: Xamarin.Forms v2.2+ and higher
  • For iOS development: macOS with latest Xcode and Command Line Tools
  • For Android development: Android SDK

Mobile Platforms#

  • Android 5.0 (API Level 21) and higher
  • iOS 11 and higher

Mobile Devices#

  • Rear-facing camera with autofocus
  • Supported CPUs and Architectures:
  • Android: armeabi-v7, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64
  • iOS: arm64, x86_64

No Internet Connection Required#

The Scanbot SDK works completely offline. It does not even contain any networking code. This can easily be verified by routing all networking traffic coming from the app through a proxy. All data generated by the Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK is only stored on the end user's device and in absolutely no case ever transferred to a server / cloud service controlled by us. You as the customer will need to take care of uploading the scans / data to your backend, if desired.

Simulators / Emulators#

While it is possible to test your app with the Scanbot SDK on simulators/emulators, we strongly recommend using real Android/iOS devices. Depending on the emulated camera you may not be able to test/evaluate the full functionality of the Scanbot SDK.

Example Apps#

Check out our example apps for Xamarin Native and Xamarin.Forms on GitHub:

Get in Touch#

If you need further information or are interested in licensing the Scanbot SDK please get in touch with our solution experts.