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Introduction | Web Document and Barcode Scanner

The Scanbot Web Scanner SDK brings document and barcode scanning features to your mobile website or web app. It contains various modules that are part of different license packages. For more details visit our website.

Our Scanbot Web SDK Module is based on WebAssembly. Under the hood, it is built on the same core technologies as our native mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. This web module provides easy-to-integrate JavaScript and TypeScript APIs as well as components for several scanning use cases.


The following Scanbot SDK Package functionality is covered by this web SDK:

Package 0

  • Barcode and QR Code Scanning

Package I

  • Document Scanning with User Guidance
  • Cropping UI
  • Document Detection from still images
  • Image Filters
  • PDF Creation
  • TIFF Creation


Since the Web SDK is based on WebAssembly, older browsers are unfortunately not supported. WebAssembly, as well as Scanbot Web Document and Barcode Scanner SDK, are supported as of the following versions:

  • Edge 16+
  • Firefox 53+
  • Chrome 57+
  • Safari 11+

Moreover, Scanbot Web Document and Barcode Scanner SDK is optimized for mobile browsers. The latest versions of the following mobile browsers are supported:

  • Android: Chrome, Firefox, Edge
  • iOS 11.0+: Safari (Chrome and Firefox as of iOS 14.4)

More information available here.

Please note that Chrome and Firefox on iOS use iOS WebKit rendering engine, and camera access was not supported until iOS 14.4. This was a restriction by Apple.

Example Apps#

Check out our Angular, React and plain JS example apps on GitHub:

Live Demo#

Get your live demo link here.

Get in Touch#

If you need further information or are interested in licensing the Scanbot SDK please get in touch with our solution experts.


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