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Ready-to-Use UI | MAUI Barcode Scanner

The Ready-To-Use UI (RTU UI) Components is an easy way to integrate and customize high-level UI components (View Controllers for iOS and Activities for Android) for the most common tasks in Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK. The design and behavior of these RTU UI Components are based on our many years of experience as well as the feedback from our SDK customers.

Launching the RTU UI Barcode Scanner

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate barcode scanning into your application's workflow. It is as easy as starting an Android activity or presenting an iOS view controller.


Change the visuals to suit your needs

In addition to a fresh new design, the RTU UI v.2.0 comes with new configuration options that enable you to quickly adapt its visual appearance:


Using the new palette feature, you can change the UI components' colors to match your brand design.



Using the new localization feature, you can easily localize the strings that are displayed on buttons, labels and text fields.


User Guidance

Text elements like the on-screen user guidance can be adapted in form and color.

alt text


Action Bar

The zoom and flashlight buttons and a button to switch cameras are now included out of the box.

alt text



Single scan with confirmation dialog

The single scan mode is optimized for scanning single barcodes and easily configurable according to your needs. It comes with the option of showing a confirmation sheet after the barcode is scanned. The confirmation sheet is also highly customizable, offering the ability to configure the barcode title, the barcode subtitle, the cancel button, and the submit button.

alt text


Multiple scanning

The multiple scanning mode is very flexible and allows you to configure each component in several ways.

Firstly, it offers two display modes: one with a collapsed list of scanned barcodes and one with just a toggle button that brings up the list.

Secondly, there is an option to configure the counting mode. The counting mode can either be Counting or Unique. In Counting mode, the scanner scans barcodes with the same value again and counts the number of items. In the Unique mode, the scanner only scans barcodes with unique values. If another barcode has the same value, it won't be scanned again.

Additionally CountingRepeatDelay can be used to set the time interval in milliseconds that must pass before counting a barcode again.

alt text


AR Overlay

The Barcode AR Overlay can be enabled to display and select recognized barcodes in an augmented-reality fashion. Each recognized barcode will be presented on the barcode overlay by a colored frame and text. The style of the frame and text can be customized for scanned and not-yet-scanned barcodes. Barcodes can be selected automatically or by tapping on the barcode overlay.

alt text alt text


Find and Pick scanning

Using the Find and Pick scanning mode, you can set a list of expected barcodes to be scanned. In the list, you can provide for each barcode its Value, Title, Image, and Count. The Count simply means, the number of times a barcode needs to be scanned. You also have the flexibility of setting the AllowPartialScan property of the use case to complete the scanning with partial results. The find and pick use case also makes it possible to provide an extensively elaborated visual experience using AR Overlays by providing the ability to properly distinguish between different barcodes (not expected, expected but partially or fully scanned). The bottom sheet is also highly customizable and provides information of the current state of the barcodes. You can also manually change the count of each barcode from the list, incrementally or by tapping the count and manually typing in the number.

alt text


Display product information right in your scanning interface

Some use cases require the data connected to a barcode's value to be displayed to the user directly. That is why we have added the option to visualize this data in the scanning interface. For example, you can show a product image next to the article number encoded by the barcode.

This feature is also available for the SDK's AR Overlay, making it even easier for users to identify a barcode's contents in real time.

alt text alt text


Legacy RTU UI v1 Examples


For more examples of how to use the MAUI Ready to Use UI Components, please see the Use Cases page.

For a fully fledged example, please see our example app scanbot-barcode-sdk-maui-example on GitHub.

Detection on an Image

Not only can you scan barcodes, the SDK also offers the option to detect barcodes on an existing still image (e.g. JPG file from Photo Library).

var configuration = new BarcodeScannerConfiguration();
configuration.BarcodeFormats = new List<BarcodeFormat>
BarcodeFormat.QrCode, BarcodeFormat.Aztec

// Specify the property 'AcceptedDocumentFormats' to enable barcode detection
// for specific document formats. It will only handle the formats listed below.
AcceptedDocumentFormats = new List<BarcodeDocumentFormat>

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