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Ready-to-Use UI | MAUI Barcode Scanner

Ready to Use UI Components

The Ready-To-Use UI (RTU UI) Components is an easy way to integrate and customize high-level UI components (View Controllers for iOS and Activities for Android) for the most common tasks in Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK. The design and behavior of these RTU UI Components are based on our many years of experience as well as the feedback from our SDK customers.

RTU UI Examples


For more examples of how to use the MAUI Ready to Use UI Components, please see the Use Cases page.

For a fully fledged example, please see our example app scanbot-barcode-sdk-maui-example on GitHub.

Detection on an Image

Not only can you scan barcodes, the SDK also offers the option to detect barcodes on an existing still image (e.g. JPG file from Photo Library).

var configuration = new BarcodeScannerConfiguration();
configuration.BarcodeFormats = new List<BarcodeFormat>
BarcodeFormat.QrCode, BarcodeFormat.Aztec

// Specify the property 'AcceptedDocumentFormats' to enable barcode detection
// for specific document formats. It will only handle the formats listed below.
AcceptedDocumentFormats = new List<BarcodeDocumentFormat>

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