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Changelog | React Native Barcode Scanner

Version 4.0.4 (23 Jan 2024)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added scanningEnabled property in the ScanbotBarcodeCameraView native component configuration. When disabled, no barcodes will be detected, but the camera preview will still be active. Default is enabled.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Fixed finderInset property in the ScanbotBarcodeCameraView native component configuration. For Android so far pixels were used, now these values are representing dip.
    • Android: Fixed finderAspectRatio property in the ScanbotBarcodeCameraView native component configuration

Version 4.0.3 (15 Dec 2023)

  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • The plugin is now compatible with React Native v0.73
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • iOS: Fixed native component issue when new architecture is enabled

Version 4.0.2 (27 Oct 2023)

  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Android: Fixed crash that occurred when the app was killed in the background while the scanner screen was open.

Version 4.0.1 (9 Oct 2023)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added licenseExpirationDate to the SDK function getLicenseInfo result.
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • The SDK function getLicenseInfo can now also be called even when the SDK initialization has failed.
    • Significantly improved memory usage.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Fixed various memory leaks on iOS.

Version 4.0.0 (5 Oct 2023)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Introduced support for React Native New Architecture! The classic component ScanbotBarcodeCameraView is available as a Fabric Component when enabling the new architecture. Backward compatibility is still granted.
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Android: CameraX is now used by default for Ready-To-Use UI Components. You can disable it by setting useCameraX to false when initializing the SDK.
    • Improved the speed of barcode recognition for most barcode symbologies.
    • Fixed false positives for Code 39 and Codabar barcodes.
    • Fixed potential memory leak in all RTU-UI screens.
  • ⚠️ Breaking changes:
    • IMPORTANT: Increased required minimum version of React Native to 0.68
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • iOS: Fixed a focusing issue with the new iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max.
  • 🚙 Under the hood:
    • The Scanbot Android Barcode SDK has been updated to v4.0.1 (see the changelog)
    • The Scanbot iOS Barcode SDK has been updated to v4.0.2 (see the changelog)

Version 3.7.0 (29 Aug 2023)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added support for the barcode type MICRO_QR_CODE. See
    • Added new properties to BarcodeScannerConfiguration and BatchBarcodeScannerConfiguration:
      • viewFinderEnabled
      • cameraZoomRange
      • enableCameraButtonTitle
      • enableCameraExplanationText
      • initialScanDelay
      • cameraPreviewMode
      • minFocusDistanceLock
      • focusLockPosition
      • focusLockEnabled
      • doubleTapToZoomEnabled
      • pinchToZoomEnabled
      • shouldAnimateZooming
    • Added autoCancelTimeout and delayAfterScan to BarcodeScannerConfiguration.
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Improved per-frame accuracy for QR code detection.
  • ⚠️ Breaking Changes:
    • iOS: Removed support for iOS 11.x and 12.x. The minimum deployment target to use ScanbotSDK in your app is iOS 13.0!
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • iOS: Fixed a bug where automaticSelectionEnabled was not working properly in BatchBarcodeScannerConfiguration.
  • 🚙 Under the hood:

Version 3.6.0 (30 May 2023)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added support for the barcode type CODE_25, which is a variant of the Industrial-2of5 type without the checksum. See
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Improved barcode scanning with new ML models.
    • Substantial improvements to stacked RSS barcode scanning.
  • ⚠️ Breaking Changes:
    • Removed decodeStacks1D property from BarcodeAdditionalParameters. The barcode scanner now handles this automatically.
  • 🚙 Under the hood:

Version 3.5.0 (28 Mar 2023)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added decodeStacks1D property in BarcodeAdditionalParameters which is available in all Ready to use UI and classical components.
    • Added automaticSelectionEnabled property in SelectionOverlayConfiguration.
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • The overlayTextFormat property in SelectionOverlayConfiguration now supports all formats. Please check BarcodeOverlayFormat enum.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Android: Fixed the codeDensity property in the classical component.
    • Android: Fixed the flashEnabled property in the classical component.
  • 🚙 Under the hood:

Version 3.3.1 (8 Feb 2023)

  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Fixed build errors for RN 0.70+ caused by usage of deprecated dimensions listener
    • Fixed wrong default values for finder inset in BarcodeCameraView
    • BarcodeCameraView: fixed barcode detection not working after navigating back from a different page on Android
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Android: Improved the performance of the Barcode Camera View
  • 🚙 Under the hood:
    • Internal restructure of BarcodeCameraView UI
    • Updated Android SDK to v3.3.1.244-SNAPSHOT

Version 3.3.0 (11 Jan 2023)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added barcode formats IATA2Of5 and Industrial2Of5.
    • Added SelectionOverlayConfiguration class for showing barcode detail overlays while scanning.
    • Added overlayConfiguration property of type SelectionOverlayConfiguration in BarcodeScannerConfiguration and BatchBarcodeScannerConfiguration for configuring the overlay UI.
    • Added new parameter finderInset of type FinderInset for setting the insets to Finder View in ScanbotBarcodeCameraViewConfiguration classical component.
    • Added Barcode Additional Parameter codeDensity of type CodeDensity in all barcode detection categories.
  • ⚠️ Breaking changes:
    • Removed finderMininmumPadding and finderVerticalOffset from ScanbotBarcodeCameraViewConfiguration. Use finderInset property instead.
  • 🚙 Under the hood:

Version 3.2.1 (13 Sep 2022):

  • 🎉 New:
    • Barcode Camera View Component new implementation!
      • Android: Using CameraX under the hood; replaced old fragment based implementation: now the component is much more stable and also compatible with the majority of React Views
      • iOS: UI and performance minor improvements
    • Added rawBytes attribute to barcode results: it contains the unparsed raw data detected in the scanned image, as an array of bytes.
    • Added textWithExtension attribute to barcode result: if the detected barcode has an extension, it contains both the text and the extension, otherwise it contains the text only.
    • Added barcode filters in all components! See configuration parameter barcodeFilters. NOTE: while using barcodeFilters, please leave barcodeImageGenerationType to its default value (NONE)
    • Added parameters lowPowerMode, gs1DecodingEnabled and msiPlesseyChecksumAlgorithm to detectBarcodesOnImage
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Fixed bug for which some additionalParameters in barcode detection were ignored
  • ⚠️ Breaking Changes:
    • BarcodeResult barcodes attribute is now non-nullable; an empty array will now be returned whenever no barcodes can be detected
    • TypeScript type ScanbotBarcodeCameraViewResult has been removed; use BarcodeResult instead

Version 3.2.0 (21 Jun 2022):

  • 🎉 New:
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Huge improvement on the speed and accuracy of 1D barcodes recognition.
    • Native libraries size decreased by more than 20%
    • iOS: Improved barcode image cropping.
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • iOS: Fixed scanning issue for Barcode types RSS_14 and RSS_EXPANDED.
  • 🚙 Under the hood:
    • Upgraded the native Scanbot Android SDK to v3.2.1 (cf. changelog)
    • Upgraded the native Scanbot iOS SDK to v3.2.1 (cf. changelog)

Version 3.1.0 (9 Feb 2022)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Added the ability for Scanbot SDK Core native logging! See enableNativeLogging in ScanbotBarcodeSDKConfiguration (Android only).
    • Added allowXnnpackAcceleration in ScanbotBarcodeSDKConfiguration which allows controlling whether the XNN pack optimizations should be used (Android only).
    • Added lowPowerMode in ScanbotBarcodeSDKConfiguration and BatchBarcodeScannerConfiguration (Android only).
    • Added cameraModule in ScanbotBarcodeSDKConfiguration and BatchBarcodeScannerConfiguration.
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Improved Aztec barcode recognition.
    • Improved PDF417 recognition performance on single photos.
    • Improved barcode detection on large documents.
    • Improved GS-1 databar recognition in the next-gen barcode scanner.
  • 🚙 Under the hood

Version 3.0.1 (19 Nov 2021)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Introduced BarcodeCameraView native component! From now on you can use it to embed our camera view directly into your react layouts! See BarcodeCameraView
    • Introduced force close functionality in RTU-UI components! You can use it to programmatically close the components. See closeBarcodeScanner and closeBatchBarcodeScanner
    • Additional parameter stripCheckDigits in Barcode Scanner RTU-UI, Batch-Barcode Scanner RTU-UI and BarcodeCameraView
    • Added support for zooming in Batch Barcode Scanner RTU-UI. See startBatchBarcodeScanner
    • Android: You can enable CameraX under the hood on Android. See useCameraX in InitializationOptions
    • Android: GPU Acceleration will be used for Barcode Scanner RTU-UI and Batch Barcode Scanner RTU-UI. You can disable it by setting allowGpuAcceleration to false; see InitializationOptions
  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • acceptedDocumentFormats now works on iOS for Batch Barcode Scanner
    • Improved recognition of UPC/EAN barcodes due to ink spread
    • Significant performance improvements of the scanner
    • All-zeros MSI Plessey barcodes are ignored now
    • Android: Improved internal architecture of all RTU screens
  • 🐞 Bug fixes:
    • Fixed some rare crashes
    • Android: Fixed msiPlesseyChecksumAlgorithm, stripCheckDigits and cameraZoomFactor parameters being ignored in BatchBarcodeScannerConfiguration
    • Android: Fixed a bug for which RTU-UI does not detect any barcodes with the image generation type VIDEO_FRAME
  • 🚙 Under the hood:
    • Updated the native Android Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK to 3.0.6
    • Updated the native iOS Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK to 3.0.3

Version 3.0.0 (16 Jul 2021)

  • 🎉 New:
    • Brand new "Next Generation" machine-learning-based barcode scanning engine with improved reliability and much faster performance
    • API changes for the new barcode engine: added engineMode property on barcode scanning APIs to switch between the legacy barcode engine and the new Next Generation barcode engine. By default, the new engine is used.
    • Re-introduced MSI Plessey barcode recognition (disabled by default)
  • 🚙 Under the hood:
    • Updated the native Android Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK to 3.0.1
    • Updated the native iOS Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK to 3.0.0

Version 1.1.1 (1 July 2021):

  • 🚀 Improvements:
    • Changes to .podspec to support react-native 0.63+'s new dependency management system
    • All configuration and result imports are now available from package root

Version 1.1.0 (4 May 2021):

  • 🚀 Improvements:

    • Significantly improved barcode scanning & detection.
    • Various RTU-UI improvements.
    • Introduced minimumTextLength, maximumTextLength, minimum1DBarcodesQuietZone for ITF Barcodes, and enableGS1Decoding for CODE-128 Barcodes. See startBarcodeScanner, detectBarcodesOnImage and startBatchBarcodeScanner.
    • Android: memory consumption optimization.
  • ⚠️ Breaking Changes:

  • 🐞 Bug fixes:

    • Many bug fixes and improvements
    • iOS: Fixed an issue with uploading apps containing the Scanbot Barcode SDK (related Apple error codes ITMS-90166, ITMS-90535 and ITMS-90171).
  • 🚙 Under the hood:

    • Updated Android Scanbot Barcode SDK to version 1.7.0
    • Updated iOS Scanbot Barcode SDK to version 1.11.0

Version 1.0.0 (18 Mar 2020):

  • 🎉 First release.

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