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Document Quality Analyzer | Flutter Document Scanner

Document Quality Analyzer

Analyze image text quality of a given page. The document image will be analyzed, if possible. If there is no document image - then the original image will be used. Returns an enum with the document text quality description.

ScanbotSdk.analyzeQualityOfDocument(Page: page, { Size? analyzerImageSizeLimit })

  • page - The page on which to analyze the text quality.
  • analyzerImageSizeLimit - the maximum size of the document image to run detection on. If the image is larger than the specified size it will be downscaled.
var result = await ScanbotSdk.analyzeQualityOfDocument(page, analyzerImageSizeLimit: Size(width: 2500, height: 2500));
class DocumentQualityResult {
DocumentQuality? documentQuality;
  • result - result object with enum
    • [documentQuality] DocumentQuality enum field
/// The document quality status that comes from DocumentQualityAnalyzer
enum DocumentQuality {
/// Can't recognize a document. */

/// Very poor document quality. */

/// Poor document quality. */

/// Reasonable document quality. */

/// Good document quality. */

/// Excellent document quality. */

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