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Scanning single barcodes

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK is quick and easy to integrate by design. Even in its default configuration, the Scanbot SDK scans barcodes rapidly and reliably in challenging conditions. Notably, all scanning operations are performed offline on the device itself, which ensures high speed and maximum data privacy.

Still, there are specific use cases where tweaking the configuration can significantly improve the user experience and scanning performance, such as scanning multiple barcodes at once or scanning tiny or distant barcodes.

Scanning multiple barcodes

If you need to scan multiple barcodes simultaneously, you can configure the SDK to detect and extract all barcodes visible in the live view. This functionality can be complemented with an AR Overlay for visually highlighting the barcodes in view.

Batch scanning

Batch scanning, like multiple barcode scanning, allows users to scan multiple unique barcodes within a single session. A viewfinder added to the live view helps users target only the desired codes, improving their scan experience and control.

Scanning tiny barcodes

Are you dealing with very small barcodes like those typically found on electrical components? In this case, you can explicitly set a short focus distance for the camera. This adjustment allows the device to be moved very close to the small barcodes without losing focus. This improves the sharpness of the image and the scanning performance.

Scanning distant barcodes

In scenarios where barcodes are positioned in hard-to-reach locations, you can significantly improve the scanning experience by using the camera’s optical zoom functionality. The Scanbot SDK allows you to enable and control both the optical and digital zoom. This ensures a suitable image crop for distant barcodes.

Detecting barcodes on still images

The Scanbot Barcode Scanner SDK offers a functionality for reading barcodes from static images, such as photos or PDFs, imported from the device's image gallery.

AR Overlay use cases

Displaying an extra layer of information in the live view is useful for a range of scanning use cases. With the Barcode AR Overlay, you can highlight barcodes to provide feedback on scanned barcodes or locate specific items. Alternatively, the AR Overlay can display additional information based on the barcode’s content, like the number of items currently in stock or further product details.

These are the AR-enhanced use cases available:

  • AR-MultiScan: Quickly scan multiple barcodes in one go, highlighting scanned codes.
  • AR-SelectScan: Selectively capture barcodes by tapping them.
  • AR-FindAndPick: Locate specific items with a pre-defined barcode value in a large inventory.
  • AR-ScanAndCount: Count items by scanning their barcodes.
  • AR-BarcodeVision: View additional information about scanned items, such as product or stock details, reviews, or video demos.

For a deeper dive into these applications, please refer to the documentation’s Barcode AR Overlay Use Cases section.

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