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Installation | Android Barcode Scanner

The Scanbot SDK for Android is distributed through our private Maven repository server (, which needs to be specified in the settings.gradle.kts file in the root folder of your project:

// settings.gradle.kts in the root of the project:
dependencyResolutionManagement {
repositories {

// Add Scanbot SDK maven repositories here:
maven(url = "")
maven(url = "")

Afterward, the dependencies can be added in the dependencies section of your Android application project configuration, usually in the app/build.gradle.kts file:

Main SDK dependency


Get the latest $scanbotSdkVersion from the Changelog.

Ready-to-Use UI dependency

The Scanbot Ready-to-Use UI Components are distributed as a separate package io.scanbot:rtu-ui-v2-barcode. If you plan to integrate our Ready-to-Use UI screens, add it as a dependency to your project as well:


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