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License Key

In order to run the Scanbot SDK within your production app, you must purchase and use a valid Scanbot SDK license.

Each license key is valid only for a given app bundle identifier. You will be unable to use any of the SDK features if the license key is corrupted, expired, or invalid in any other way.

Getting a Trial License

The Scanbot SDK will run without a license for one minute per session! To get a free, "no-strings-attached" 7-day trial license, please submit the Trial License Form on our website.

Please kindly note that a trial license can only be used in a development and staging environment. You are not allowed to publish your app to the App Store, Play Store, or any 3rd party Android App Store with a trial license.

Purchase a Production License

To get pricing information and purchase a production license for the Scanbot SDK please request a quote.

License Check in Production Apps

If your Scanbot SDK license has expired, any call to the Scanbot SDK API will terminate your app or result in an error. To prevent this you should always check for license expiration during the runtime by calling the method scanbotSDK.getLicenseInfo(). This method returns a LicenseInfo object as a result. You can use the method isValid() to check validity of the license.

const licenseInfo = await scanbotSDK.getLicenseInfo();
const isValid = licenseInfo.isValid();

if (isValid) {
// You can now safely make calls to Scanbot SDK API

If the result of the isValid() method returns false, you should disable any usage of the Scanbot SDK functions or UI components in your app.

class LicenseInfo {
// Okay, Trial, FailureNotSet, FailureCorrupted,
// FailureWrongOS, FailureAppIDMismatch, FailureExpired
status: string;
// Human-readable description for the status
description: string;
// Returns true only if the status equals Okay or Trial.
// The license status changes to FailureNotSet when the trial period is over.
isValid(): boolean;

Want to scan longer than one minute?

Generate a free trial license to test the Scanbot SDK thoroughly.

Get your free Trial License

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