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Ready-To-Use UI Components

The Ready-To-Use UI (RTU UI) is a set of easy to integrate and customize high-level UI components (Activities) for the most common tasks:

  • Document Scanner - DocumentScannerActivity
  • Cropping - CroppingActivity
  • MRZ Scanner - MRZScannerActivity
  • Barcode and QR Code Scanner - BarcodeScannerActivity (from package io.scanbot.sdk.ui_v2 - please see RTU UI v2 below)
  • European Health Insurance Card Scanner - HealthInsuranceCardScannerActivity
  • Multiple Objects Detector - MultipleObjectsDetectorActivity
  • Generic Text Data Scanner - TextDataScannerActivity
  • Generic Document Scanner - GenericDocumentRecognizerActivity
  • License Plate Scanner - LicensePlateScannerActivity
  • VIN scanner - VinScannerActivity
  • Medical Certificate Recognizer - MedicalCertificateRecognizerActivity

The design and behavior of these ready-to-use Activities are based on our many years of experience as well as the feedback from our SDK customers.


You can customize the look and behavior of our RTU UI components with regards to the following characteristics:

  • UI: You can customize all colors and text resources (e.g. for localization).
  • Behavior: You can enable or disable features like Multi Page, Auto Snapping, Flashlight.
  • Use in workflows of your app: e.g. Your Main Activity => Scanbot Document Scanner Activity => Your Custom Review Activity => Scanbot Cropping Activity => Your Custom Document Handling

Please note: The main idea of the RTU UI is to provide simple-to-integrate and simple-to-customize Activity components. Due to this, there are some limitations regarding the customization. If you need more customization options, you can implement custom Activities using our "Classic SDK UI Components".


To use any of the RTU UI components you need to include the corresponding dependency in your build.gradle file:


Get the latest $scanbotSdkVersion from the Changelog.

Examples and Java Docs

For more details about the RTU UI Components, please refer to our example app ready-to-use-ui-demo:

and Java API docs:

Ready-To-Use UI v2 Components

The Ready-To-Use UI v2 (RTU UI v2) is our brand new implementation of the RTU UI concept components, written from scratch. It features a new visual style and much more customizable UI and behavior. So far, only the Barcode Scanner features the RTU UI v2 implementation. However, converting the rest of the components is on our roadmap and updates will be rolled out over time.


To use the RTU UI v2, you need to include the corresponding dependency in your build.gradle file:


Get the latest scanbotSdkVersion from the Changelog.

For further steps to integrate the RTU UI v2 into your application's workflow, check out our RTU UI Example App.

Classic UI Components

Our Classic UI Components allow you to build your own flexible and fully customizable UI components. These building blocks are easy to integrate and customize and can be used in your Activities to implement the most common tasks:

  • Document Scanning - create a custom scanning UI for documents
  • Image Processing and Filters - improve and optimize images
  • Image Cropping - custom image cropping UI
  • Barcode and QR Code Scanning - scan 1D and 2D barcodes
  • MRZ Scanning - a set of custom views and handlers for scanning machine-readable zones in ID documents
  • Medical Certificate Scanning - scan German medical certificates
  • European Health Insurance Cards (EHIC) Scanning - scan EHIC cards
  • Generic Document Recognizer - recognize and detect the data fields from specific documents, e.g. German passports, ID cards, residence permits, health insurance cards and driver's licenses
  • License Plate Scanner - scan EU vehicle license plates
  • VIN Scanner - scan VINs (Vehicle Identification Numbers) from paper documents or from the car itself
  • Text Data Scanner - scan generic text lines within a small rectangle, including text validation
  • PDF Files Creation - create simple PDF files and PDFs with selectable recognized text
  • TIFF Files Generator - a highly customizable generator for image files using the TIFF format
  • Check Scanning - scan and extract content from checks
  • Document Quality Analyzer - analyze the text quality of scanned documents

Please also see the section Features Overview.


Please do not use multiple scanners at the same time. For example, do not combine generic document scanner, health insurance scanner, text data scanner, etc. at the same time! Each scanner instance requires a lot of memory, GPU, and processor resources. Using multiple scanners will lead to performance issues for the entire application.

Examples and Java Docs

For more details about these components, please refer to our example apps:

and Java API docs:

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