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Building Production Apps


The native Scanbot SDK iOS Framework (ScanbotSDK.framework) is installed as a CocoaPods dependency ScanbotSDK. It contains the architectures arm64 and x86_64. You can thus run it on most iOS devices as well as on simulators during the development phase. To be able to submit a production build to App Store Connect (App Store / TestFlight) the architecture x86_64 must be removed (striped out) from the Scanbot SDK Framework. This architecture is only for simulators and is not allowed to be submitted to App Store Connect. In a CocoaPods powered project this is typically done by CocoaPods, so no manual action is required here.

However, if you get this error while uploading your app, the following manual configuration steps must be done to fix it:

ERROR ITMS-90087: "Unsupported Architectures. The executable for [...].app/Frameworks/ScanbotSDK.framework contains unsupported architectures '[x86_64]'."

We provide a script as a part of the ScanbotSDK.framework and it can be easily integrated in the build process. This script removes the unnecessary architectures from the frameworks binary, code signs the framework and adds the crash symbols (dSYM) file to your app's archive. To add this script in your build process, you will need to open the Xcode workspace .xcworkspace and apply a few changes there:

  1. Go to TARGETS settings and open the tab Build Phases. Add a new Run Script Phase via "+" button.
  2. Adjust this Run Script Phase with the following script data:

Script code:

bash "${PODS_ROOT}/ScanbotSDK/ScanbotSDK.framework/"

Script Input File:




The Scanbot SDK uses native libraries under the hood and supports the following ABIs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86 and x86_64.

By default the native libraries of all these architectures will be included in the app package (APK), which will result in a big APK file. Please consider removing support for x86 and x86_64 architectures. In most cases both “x86” architectures can be removed for the release (production) build, since they are only used on emulators and on some rare devices with the Intel Atom architecture.

To exclude certain ABIs from the APK, use the abiFilters property in the Android Gradle settings of your project.

Please check and adjust the abiFilters configuration in your build.gradle file accordingly:

android {
defaultConfig {
ndk {
// a typical production configuration:
abiFilters "armeabi-v7a", "arm64-v8a"

💡 However, if you need to support all architectures and to optimize the APK size, we highly recommend checking out the Android App Bundle approach. It allows you to create and distribute dedicated and smaller APKs via the PlayStore (basically it is similar to the iOS App Store approach).

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