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SDK Initialization | Web Document and Barcode Scanner

To run the Scanbot SDK plugin functionality within your production app, you have to purchase and use a valid Scanbot SDK license. The SDK will run for one minute in trial mode without a license.

Scanbot SDK must be initialized before use. If you wish to add a custom engine location, e.g. beta version or a specific path to the web worker components, you can also specify the engine location:

const myLicenseKey = "";scanbotSDK = await ScanbotSDK.initialize({    licenseKey: myLicenseKey,    // optional engine path where ScanbotSDK.Core.js and ScanbotSDK.Asm.wasm are served    engine: "static/js/"});

Leave the license key empty to enter the trial mode of one minute.

Please contact our sales team to request a free 30-day SDK trial license key.

The initializer also serves as the main entry point of the SDK, meaning that the scanbotSDK object returned upon initialize serves as your entry point to use any other SDK features.