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Scanning a barcode from an image | iOS Barcode Scanner

Processing the image

The barcode scanner can quickly analyze a still image and identify any barcodes present within it. Once a barcode is detected, the scanner extracts information and returns the result. Take a look at an example down below:

Example for detecting barcodes on the image

import Foundation
import ScanbotBarcodeScannerSDK

func detectBarcodesOnImage() {

// Image containing barcode.
guard let image = UIImage(named: "barcodeImage") else { return }

// Types of barcodes you want to detect.
let typesToDetect = SBSDKBarcodeType.allTypes

// Creates an instance of `SBSDKBarcodeScanner`.
let detector = SBSDKBarcodeScanner(types: typesToDetect)

// Returns the result after running detector on the image.
let result = detector.detectBarCodes(on: image)

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