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Scanning a check from an image | Android Document Scanner

The Scanbot SDK Check Scanner is capable of detecting check data in live camera streams, as well as extracting content from still images imported from the gallery or any other source.


To see the complete integration and the Check scanner in action, Example Apps are available:

Feature Dependency

The CheckRecognizer feature is available with SDK Package 4. The following dependency needs to be added:


SDK Initialization

Before use, the Scanbot SDK needs to be initialized. The following code snippet should be added to your Application class:

import io.scanbot.sdk.ScanbotSDKInitializer

class ExampleApplication : Application() {

override fun onCreate() {

// The Scanbot Scanner SDK initialization:

Image Processing

To select an image from the photo library and run detection on it, a class for an image import contract is created using the modern Android result API.

class ImportImageContract(private val context: Context) : ActivityResultContract<Unit, Bitmap?>() {
override fun createIntent(context: Context, input: Unit): Intent {
// An image is selected from the photo library and document detection is run on it:
val imageIntent = Intent()
imageIntent.type = "image/*"
imageIntent.action = Intent.ACTION_GET_CONTENT
imageIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_LOCAL_ONLY, false)
imageIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_ALLOW_MULTIPLE, false)

return Intent.createChooser(imageIntent, "Select a picture")

private fun processGalleryResult(data: Intent): Bitmap? {
val imageUri =
return MediaStore.Images.Media.getBitmap(context.contentResolver, imageUri)

override fun parseResult(resultCode: Int, intent: Intent?): Bitmap? {
return if (resultCode == Activity.RESULT_OK && intent != null) {
return processGalleryResult(intent)
} else {

To run the gallery call and get a Bitmap using ImportImageContract, the following code is used:

 val galleryImageLauncher =
registerForActivityResult(ImportImageContract(this)) { resultEntity ->
lifecycleScope.launch(Dispatchers.Default) {
val activity = this@MainActivity
val sdk = ScanbotSDK(activity)
if (!sdk.licenseInfo.isValid) {
withContext(Dispatchers.Main) {
"License has expired!",
} else {
resultEntity?.let { bitmap ->
// Image processing is carried out
// processImage()
findViewById<View>( {

Scanner Creation

  val scanbotSDK = ScanbotSDK(this)
val checkRecognizer = scanbotSDK.createCheckRecognizer()

Each call to createCheckRecognizer() will create a new CheckRecognizer and initialize memory for it. If more than one import operation is expected, do not create new scanners for each operation.


The Scanbot SDK is used to detect the desired element on the imported bitmap.

    private fun processImage(
checkRecognizer: CheckRecognizer,
bitmap: Bitmap
) {
val result = checkRecognizer.recognizeBitmap(bitmap, 0)

// Document recognition results are processed

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