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Detection on the Image | Cordova Document Scanner

Detects a check on a still image (PNG or JPG file) regardless of the image source (e.g. scanned document image, image picked from photo library, etc).

recognizeCheckOnImage(args: RecognizeCheckOnImageArgs): Promise<CheckRecognizerResult>
interface RecognizeCheckOnImageArgs {
* The input image file URI.
imageFileUri: string;

* An optional array of check types that acts as a detection filter.
* By default all supported check types will be detected.
acceptedCheckStandards?: CheckType[];
import ScanbotSdk from 'cordova-plugin-scanbot-sdk';

private SDK = ScanbotSdk.promisify();

// Always make sure you have a valid license on runtime via SDK.getLicenseInfo()
if (!licenseCheckMethod()) { return; }

const result = await this.SDK.recognizeCheckOnImage({
imageFileUri: imageUri

// Handle the detected check(s) from result

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