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Scanning a generic document from an image

If you want to perform detection on a single still image. You can use SBSDKGenericDocumentRecognizer's recognizeDocument(on:) method, which takes an image as input, performs detection on the image, and returns the result.

Example for detecting Generic Document on the Image

import Foundation
import ScanbotSDK

func detectGenericDocumentOnImage() {

// Image containing generic document.
guard let image = UIImage(named: "genericDocumentImage") else { return }

// Types of generic documents you want to detect.
let typesToDetect = SBSDKGenericDocumentRootType.allDocumentTypes

// Creates an instance of `SBSDKGenericDocumentRecognizer`.
let detector = SBSDKGenericDocumentRecognizer(acceptedDocumentTypes: typesToDetect)

// Returns the result after running detector on the image.
let result = detector.recognize(on: image)

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