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Creating PDF Documents | React Native Document Scanner

PDF Creation

ScanbotSDK.createPDF(args: CreatePDFArguments): Promise

The Scanbot SDK renders given images into a PDF document and stores it as a file. For each image a separate page is generated.


  • imageFileUris - Input images as an array of file URIs in proper order (image element 1 => page 1, etc).
  • options - an object containing some of the following properties:
    • pageSize - PDFPageSize type object to specify the output page size.
    • pageOrientation - PDFPageOrientation type object which sets the orientation of the PDF
    • metadata - PDFMetadata type object which allows setting metadata properties to the PDF such as author, title etc.


Returns an object with the following properties:

  • pdfFileUri - file URI with the path to the created PDF file

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