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React Native License Plate Scanner SDK - Introduction

ScanbotSdk.UI.startLicensePlateScanner(configuration: LicensePlateScannerConfiguration)

Opens a Scanner for License Plates

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export interface LicensePlateScannerConfiguration {
/** The preferred camera module (default - BACK) */
cameraModule?: CameraModule;

/** Background color outside of the finder window. */
cameraOverlayColor?: string;

/** Title of the cancel button. */
cancelButtonTitle?: string;

/** Whether the cancel button is hidden or not. iOS only. */
cancelButtonHidden?: boolean;

/** The style of the confirmation dialog. iOS Only. */
confirmationDialogStyle?: DialogStyle;

/** The style of the confirmation dialogs confirm button. iOS Only. */
confirmationDialogConfirmButtonStyle?: DialogButtonStyle;

/** The style of the confirmation dialogs retry button. iOS Only. */
confirmationDialogRetryButtonStyle?: DialogButtonStyle;

/** Title of the button that opens the screen where the user can allow the usage of the camera by the app. */
enableCameraButtonTitle?: string;

/** Text that will be displayed when the app is not allowed to use the camera, prompting the user to enable the usage of the camera. */
enableCameraExplanationText?: string;

/** Foreground color of the detection overlay. */
finderLineColor?: string;

/** Width of finder frame border. Default is 2. */
finderLineWidth?: number;

/** User guidance text below the finder view */
finderTextHint?: string;

/** Foreground color of the description label. */
finderTextHintColor?: string;

/** The preferred height of the view finder. Defaults to 150.0. iOS only. */
finderPreferredHeight?: number;

/** Controls whether the flash toggle button is hidden or not. iOS only. */
flashButtonHidden?: boolean;

/** Title of the flash toggle button. iOS only. */
flashButtonTitle?: string;

/** Controls whether the flash should be initially enabled. The default value is FALSE. */
flashEnabled?: boolean;

/** UI Interface orientation lock mode */
orientationLockMode?: OrientationLockMode;

/** The background color of the top toolbar. */
topBarBackgroundColor?: string;

/** The color of all active toggle buttons in the toolbar. */
topBarButtonsActiveColor?: string;

/** The color of all inactive toggle buttons in the toolbar. */
topBarButtonsInactiveColor?: string;

/** Minimum number of accumulated frames that have equal result */
minNumberOfRequiredFramesWithEqualRecognitionResult?: number;

/** Maximum number of accumulated frames to inspect before actual result is returned */
maximumNumberOfAccumulatedFrames?: number;

/** Controls whether buttons should use all capitals style, as defined by the Android Material Design. Defaults to TRUE. Android only. */
useButtonsAllCaps?: boolean;

/** Threshold used to pause the detection after significant movement occurred. -1 is default value. Default = 0 for textFilterStrategy='DOCUMENT' and 1000 for textFilterStrategy='LCD_DOT_MATRIX_DISPLAY'. Android only. */
significantShakeDelay?: number;

/** Detector mode, classic (OCR based) or ML (machine learning based) approach. */
scanStrategy?: LicensePlateScanStrategy;

/** The title of the confirmation dialog. */
confirmationDialogTitle?: string;

/** The message text of the confirmation dialog. */
confirmationDialogMessage?: string;

/** The title of the confirmation dialog retry button. */
confirmationDialogConfirmButtonTitle?: string;

/** The title of the confirmation dialog confirm button. */
confirmationDialogRetryButtonTitle?: string;

/** The accent color of buttons on a confirmation dialog. Android only. */
confirmationDialogAccentColor?: string;

/** Allows to set if the confirm button should be filled. Defaults to TRUE. Android only. */
confirmationDialogConfirmButtonFilled?: boolean;

/** Allows to set a text color of the filled button. See `confirmationDialogConfirmButtonFilled`. Android only. */
confirmationDialogConfirmButtonFilledTextColor?: string;

/** If `true`, replaces the cancel button in the top bar with a back arrow icon. The default value is FALSE. Android only. */
replaceCancelButtonWithIcon?: boolean;

/** Preview mode of the camera. FILL_IN or FIT_IN. Default is FILL_IN. Android only */
cameraPreviewMode?: CameraPreviewMode;

/** Whether touch-to-focus is enabled on camera preview. Enabled by default. Android only. */
touchToFocusEnabled?: boolean;


The promise resolves to an object with the following properties:

  • status - 'OK' if the License Plate was scanned, 'CANCELED' if the user canceled the scanner UI.
  • licensePlate - the License Plate detected by the scanner
  • confidence - confidence in the accuracy of the detection (0 - 100)
  • countryCode - the Country Code on the License Plate as detected by the scanner

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